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Picture: The Wall Street Journal
You Can't Eat These Chips, But Some Find Silicon Addictive

"From his basement in a sparsely populated part of northwestern Nevada, Patrick Mulreany operates a museum that attracts about four visitors a year. Its focus: semiconductors and the shiny disks used to make them. The former Hewlett-Packard Co. engineer's private collection of about 120 displays highlights advancements in the electronics industry. It also points to the peculiarities of a small number of people whose passion is silicon platters."

Featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal (Aug 28, 2014)

Photo: Ritot
Should Crowdfunding Sites Do More to Vet Projects?

"The campaign stands as an example to those who say crowdfunding platforms should take a more active role in checking out projects on their sites before allowing the public to contribute money that may never be returned."

My first tech story submitted from Kiev; featured in The Wall Street Journal (Nov 26, 2014 issue)

Photo: Nick Shchetko
Laser Eyes Pose Price Hurdle for Driverless Cars

"Google Inc., BMW AG and other car makers are running demonstrations of their driverless technologies. But before such vehicles are commonly found on the road, experts say the size and cost of the laser-powered sensors that acts as the cars' eyes will have to shrink."

Featured in The Wall Street Journal (page B4, July 22, 2014 - "Next in Tech")

Graphic: Nick Shchetko,
From Apple to Yahoo: How 7 Major Tech Companies Have Performed Under New CEOs

"Apple, Google, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, AMD, Symantec and BlackBerry have each seen their CEOs replaced for various reasons. Some of these companies began to get traction almost immediately under a new boss – Yahoo's less-than-a-year-on-duty CEO managed to increase the company’s stock price by 68% – others are still struggling, still pushing for a turnaround."

Featured as a separate slideshow on MSN homepage ("How am I doing? 7 new tech CEOs").

Photo courtesy: RIA Voronezh
Russian Man Turns Tables on Bank, Changes Small Print in Credit Card Agreement, Then Sues

"An interesting case has surfaced in Voronezh, Russia, where a man is suing a bank for more than 24 million Russian rubles (about $727,000) in compensation over a handcrafted document that was signed and recognized by the bank."

Went viral and garnered 14,000+ shares on Facebook and Twitter from more than 200,000 unique readers.

Photo courtesy: Google
How Much Will Google Glass Cost? The Price of Production Offers Some Clues

"So how much will Glass cost? And what does it cost Google to make one? We asked experts and we did some math ourselves. Based on the components used, it should cost less than $210 to produce one device."

SABEW "Best in Business 2013" award finalist

Photo courtesy: kenyee (Flickr)
Forget its hotels, Sochi’s tech has been up for the Olympic challenge

"You've probably heard multiple accounts of everyday life horrors in Sochi, such as missing bulbs in hotel rooms, weird bathrooms, and dangerous manholes. But complaints about the cell coverage, Wi-Fi quality (...) and overall connectivity have been nearly indiscernible in the Olympic buzz. Digital surveillance fears, however, lingered across the board."

Published in Ars Technica

Photo: Nick Shchetko
"Pitches Are Like Blind Dates": The 11 Things Top Investors Want Startup CEOs to Know

"An investor pitch meeting is similar to a blind date, argues Jay Samit, an investor, president of ooVoo, and a renowned digital innovator who pioneered CD-ROM technology and LaserDisc distribution. In most cases you quickly realize if you're going to spend the rest of your days with the person sitting next to you, he added."

The story was independently translated into Russian.


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I have created nearly a thousand stories for IT.TUT.BY/TUT.BY (2006-2012), written in both Russian and Belarusian.

For the "Monday Interviews" project, I've done more than a hundred interviews (including video interviews) with high-level representatives of IT companies and some outstanding professionals in technology field, both from Belarus and other countries. Some interviews (with Microsoft, Samsung, Turkcell managers) were conducted in English.

Here are some translated headlines to get a general sense of the stories I was creating:

Picture taken at MWC 2011
Photo: Nick Shchetko

For Nestor Publishing House Media:

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