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Íèêîëàé Ùåòüêî Nickky Nick Shchetko Mikalai Shchatsko


Hi, I am Nick Shchetko (AKA Mikalai Shchatsko, AKA Nickky) and it`s my pleasure to welcome you to this "web lair" –!


A journalist and editor covering technology in print and online media since 2001. A person passionate about business and financial journalism. A coder with solid experience in desktop, web and mobile development. A veteran multimedia producer with shooting, editing, packaging and publishing experience. A native speaker of Russian and Belarusian, fluent in English. A breaking news junkie.

That's me in a nutshell.

I`ve been in journalism since the early 2000s, and have written more than a thousand articles, news stories and reports. Most of them are in Russian, but my set of clips in English is also rapidly growing. I love technology and enjoy covering the advances of tech companies, from product reviews to financial performance. I was introduced to computers in the late 1980`s, before even elementary school, and I have followed current trends in technology since then: from the Z80-Sinclair to the 80286, the 80386, the 486DX4-100, the Pentium... From monochrome to color monitors, from desktops to notebooks, from DOS 3.11 to Windows 8, from dial-up to fiber, from GPRS to LTE - I have experienced it all.

You should also know that I`m a former fan of video games. I covered the topic from 2001 to 2007 but lost my passion. Though I occasionally still enjoy wasting time on Blizzard games and casual stuff. I`m not on MMOGs, however.

I love planes and aviation. From my very first flight in 2004, I`ve been fascinated with air travel and the many incredibly complex flying machines. I`m also intrigued by both big commercial jets and deadly military fighters. Why am I not a pilot? Well, I`m not a pilot yet.

From BBSs to FIDOnet, from web-forums to blogs, from LiveJournal to Facebook and Twitter – I have vast social media experience. I enjoy communicating with people online, and I`ve been successful doing that at the companies I've worked for.

I am also keen on mobile development (Android) and web-development ("LAMP"), though it`s more of a hobby.

The site

Unfortunately, a fully-featured English version of is not ready yet.

You could either check some posts here in English or use Google Translate for browsing the Russian version of the site to get a better understanding of it.

I'd also recommend you visit my Facebook (all sorts of stuff) or Twitter (mostly things on technology and media) accounts - they`re bilingual from August 2012 on.

More on this page:

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Graduated from Belarus State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics Minsk, Belarus (2002-2007). Bachelor`s degree from the Department of Radio Engineering, Major – Radio Informatics. GPA: 4.56 out of 5. Graduation project: 5 out of 5 (A+). Additional qualification ("Minor"): Technical Translation.

Master of Arts degree in Mass Communication expected in 2014 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Related courses: Digital Media Economics and Behavior, Business Reporting, Information Visualization, Interactive Multimedia, Leadership in a Time of Change, Virtual Communities, Multimedia Storytelling.


Work Experience

I have been working as a journalist for more than 14 years (since 2000), with a focus on the technology field since 2001. I have more than a decade of web-programming experience (hobby/part-time). A short list of my employers and positions:

The Wall Street Journal (Dow Jones) – Kiev, Ukraine.
Kiev-based stringer (Started in September 2014)

The Wall Street Journal / WSJD (Dow Jones) – San Francisco, CA, US.
Tech Reporting Intern (June 2014 – August 2014) (Minyanville Media) – New York, NY, US.
Tech and Business Reporter, Editorial Intern (Feb. 2013 – Oct. 2013)

“Reese News Lab” – Chapel Hill, NC, US.
Entrepreneurial Journalist (Sept. 2012 – Jan 2014),, and Media Startup Project

“Reliable Programs” (TUT.BY) – Minsk, Belarus.
Executive Editor, Technology (Sept. 2006 – July 2012)

“ET CETERA” PDF-magazine (ETC.BY) – Minsk, Belarus.
Contributing editor to the appendix to “ET CETERA”, “ET CETERA: Net” (Feb. 2008 – Dec. 2009).

“Nestor” Publishing House – Minsk, Belarus
Journalist (May 2001 – Oct. 2007) – contributed to the publishing house's media “Virtualnye Radosti” ("Virtual Entertainment" – video games), “Komputernaya Gazeta” ("PC Newspaper" – IT/hardware), “Setevye Reshenia” ("Network Solutions" – network solutions/communications).

Non-profit organization, “Ptenzy” (a newspaper for youngsters) – Minsk, Belarus
Journalist, designer (Oct. 2000 – Feb. 2002)


I`ve also volunteered on a number of projects. I'd be happy to provide a list of them and/or my resume upon request.  

Languages and Additional Skills

I`m a native speaker of Belarusian and Russian, fluent in English.

I`m an advanced PC user: DOS (3.11-7.0), MS Windows (3.11–8), Microsoft Word (95-2013), Excel (95-2013), PageMaker (6), Macromedia Dreamweaver (MX), Adobe Photoshop (3.0-CC), Corel Draw (7.0-12), MS PowerPoint (XP-2013), Final Cut Pro (7), Premiere (CS4).

Development: Java/Android, PHP, HTML/XML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery, Delphi/Pascal, C, Visual Basic.

Also have skills in Microsoft Visio (2003), MathCAD (2001), Deja Vu (X).

Essential computer repair and basic-to-average network administration skills.  

Achievements and Certifications

Some of my achievements and certifications include:

Golden Keyboard 2010 Award

April, 2013: Honored with Tom Wicker Award and William Francis Clingman Jr. Ethics Award (UNC-Chapel Hill).

June, 2012: Won Edmund S. Muskie Fellowship for graduate studies in the U.S.

July, 2010: Awarded diploma by Belarusian ICT Association “Belinfocom” for proactive coverage of ICT-market development in Belarus

July, 2010: Awarded "Golden Keyboard 2010: The Best IT-journalist in Belarus" - a tribute from a professional society sponsored by the Association "Belinfocom"

March, 2008: Successfully completed a course entitled “The Art of Public Speech” (Belarusian Institute of Public Relations)

September, 2008: Successfully completed a seminar entitled “Managing Death-March Projects” by Edward Yourdon

December, 2007: Awarded a diploma by Beltelecom (the largest telecom operator in Belarus), citing "professionalism and proactive promotion of telecommunication technologies”

November, 2006: Presented a research project at the conference “Higher Technical Education: Issues and Paths of Development" in Belarus

November, 2006: Took second place in the Belarusian "IT Marketing Challenge 2006" ("Marketing in IT" track)


I`m a holder of several outdated IT certificates from Brainbench (2000) and other qualifications assessment companies.  


Should you need my resume with detailed information – please let me know, I`ll respond promptly.  

Personal Information

Was born in 1984 in Minsk, Belarus. Married.

Hobbies: books, music, the guitar, computers, photography, traveling, bike riding, canoeing, volleyball, table tennis.  


Feel free to contact me via e-mail, LiveJournal, Facebook, ICQ 120978772, Google+, LinkedIn, ProZ or Skype (nickky2605). You can also check out my Twitter.

Please note that all public (blog/social network) accounts are in Russian, though Twitter and Facebook are bilingual as of August, 2012.

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